Walking Into the Office and Seeing There Are No IT Issues Is Possible!

How many times in your life did you come to work just to find that you guys have hit another IT brick wall? With TechWorks, it doesn't have to be that way - you could come to your work every day without being stuck with frustrating IT-related annoyances and start doing what you do best - running your business.

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Are You One of Those Companies Springing Back to Life After Experiencing IT Problems?

What if we tell you that running a business without employees who are frustrated with workplace technology is possible? Let's be honest, if your IT is not living up to the expectations of your employees and customers, you are all in an unenviable position; your employees are trying to solve problems while knowing regular work is not done yet, and your customers, well, they will turn to someone else.

Make Your Computers Roar Like A Lion
MSP For Small Businesses

What Should You Do Then?

As a small, independent business owner, you should be trying to balance the growth of your value in today's extremely competitive marketplace with a thriving workforce and superior levels of customer care - but that's easier said than done if you don't have IT experts to back you up.

This means that you have two options. You can either find IT specialists for your in-house department or outsource this job to MSPs. But don't rush - there's more. Not both choices are equally good for your business. Wondering why? Because MSPs are more useful for small businesses that currently don't have an in-house IT team. 

Make Your Computers Roar Like A Lion
MSP For Small Businesses

Here’s The Solution: Server Care & Recovery to Safeguard Your Business's Backbone

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, your business relies heavily on technology, and at the heart of it lies your server infrastructure. Servers play a crucial role in storing, processing, and delivering mission-critical data and applications that drive your business forward. But what happens when disaster strikes? Are you prepared to handle server failures, data loss, and the devastating consequences they bring?

Make Your Computers Roar Like A Lion
MSP For Small Businesses

Protecting Your Server Infrastructure with Unparalleled Expertise

Are you concerned about the health and resilience of your business's server infrastructure? Look no further! Our Server Care & Recovery services provide comprehensive solutions to ensure the smooth operation, security, and recovery of your critical servers. Whether you have on-premises servers, virtualized environments, or cloud-based deployments, we have the expertise and tools to keep your server ecosystem healthy and resilient.

Make Your Computers Roar Like A Lion
MSP For Small Businesses

Uninterrupted Operations with Proactive Server Care

We take a proactive approach to server management. Our team of experienced professionals monitors your servers round the clock, identifying and resolving potential issues before they impact your business operations. We optimize server performance, apply critical security patches, and maintain up-to-date firmware to minimize the risk of disruptions, downtime, and data loss. By ensuring the health of your servers, we enable you to focus on core business activities while enjoying uninterrupted operations.

Make Your Computers Roar Like A Lion
MSP For Small Businesses

Robust Server Recovery for Business Continuity

Server failures and data loss can have a significant impact on your business's productivity and reputation. That's why our services include robust disaster recovery measures. We implement regular backup and recovery strategies tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your critical data and applications are safeguarded and can be quickly restored in the event of a server failure or catastrophic event. Our experts work diligently to minimize downtime and expedite the recovery process, enabling your business to resume normal operations swiftly and efficiently.


Our Server Care & Recovery Offerings: Empowering Your Server Infrastructure

Comprehensive Server Monitoring and Maintenance

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your servers are monitored 24/7, allowing us to proactively detect and address any potential issues before they escalate. We conduct regular maintenance tasks to optimize performance and reliability, keeping your servers in top shape.

Proactive Identification and Resolution of Server Issues

With our proactive approach, we identify server issues before they impact your business operations. By swiftly resolving these issues, we minimize downtime and keep your server infrastructure running smoothly, enabling uninterrupted productivity.

Performance Optimization and Capacity Planning

We optimize your server performance by fine-tuning configurations, managing resources efficiently, and implementing capacity planning strategies. This ensures that your servers can handle increased workloads and growth, supporting your business's evolving needs.

Security Patch Management and Firmware Updates

Keeping your servers secure is paramount in today's threat landscape. Our experts handle security patch management and firmware updates, ensuring that your servers are protected against vulnerabilities and potential security breaches.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

We implement robust data backup solutions to safeguard your critical business data. In the event of data loss, our comprehensive recovery strategies enable swift restoration, minimizing the impact on your operations and ensuring business continuity.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

We create customized disaster recovery plans tailored to your business's unique requirements. Our team assists you in developing strategies to mitigate the effects of unforeseen events, allowing for rapid recovery and minimizing downtime.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority
MSP For Small Businesses

24/7 Technical Support and Emergency Response

Don't let server problems become a hindrance to your business success. Trust us to safeguard your server infrastructure, enhance reliability, and ensure business continuity. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique server needs. Let us be your trusted partner in securing and maintaining the backbone of your business.


How Did MSPs Come Out on Top of This Epic Battle?

Now you might wonder why you should choose an MSP over an internal IT team, and we don't blame you. Most executives think the same way - you can have your onsite team who can always respond to issues and problems - BUT is that always the case?

MSPs Offer Optimized Uptime and Increased Consistency

Having your own IT fleet is awesome, but what would you do if something goes wrong and they are not at the office? Even the most passionate and workaholic IT professional will go on vacation or get sick. When that happens, your tech is vulnerable. This means that even a small problem could slow your employees down for hours or even days. On the other hand, partnering with an MSP eliminates things like those, ensuring your tech is working all the time, no matter what.

You Get the Entire Range of IT Skillsets in a Single Partner

Good management of your technology and network is about much more than fixing things. There is a lot of stuff that goes into effectively managing your IT environment. You need someone who knows everything about IT strategy and planning down to the smallest detail, has experience in cloud computing, and can meet any cybersecurity challenge. Let's be realistic - finding an employee with all the skillsets we mentioned is almost an impossible mission. The best way to secure each of these things is to partner with a managed service provider.

Don’t Let Your Organization’s Institutional Knowledge Walk Out the Door

The IT industry is one of the most competitive, meaning it's always evolving. There is an insane drive among IT experts to actively improve their knowledge and skills, seek out better jobs, and secure better salaries. Now think what would happen when your IT staff member leaves you to get a new, better job. How much time would you lose finding a decent replacement? With MSPs, you don't have to worry about those problems.

What We Do

  • Provide instant remote/on-site support
  • Multi-layered security
  • Your success is our top priority
  • Transparent pricing

What Other MSPs Do

  • Let you wait in line
  • Superficial security measures
  • Lack of a personable, friendly approach
  • Overcharging with added fees and hidden costs
Make Your Computers Roar Like A Lion

Should You Sign That MSP Service Agreement? Absolutely - TechWorks Can Become Your Catalyst for Growth!

If you are tired of technology that slows your business down or getting your IT team up to speed on how your business operates, then you should consider hiring an MSP whose benefits outweigh those of hiring internally.

MSP For Small Businesses

Start Saving Your Time and Money

Say bye-bye to those mornings when someone comes to tell you something is not working even before your morning coffee - not to mention that you may already have a hectic day ahead of you. With a flat fee subscription model from TechWorks, you can focus on moving your company forward instead of dealing with things that shouldn't even happen in the first place.

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Manage Your Business With Confidence

Get IT Right This Time

Take a proactive approach towards resolving your IT challenges once and for all by scheduling a consultation call with us.

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