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TechWorks helps business owners unlock the true potential of their servers, ensuring the backbone of their company is not subject to small snags that can bring operations to a grinding halt.

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Comprehensive IT solutions that will make your IT system roar like a lion

Most core business applications operate on servers, whether they are hosted on-premise in the office or the public cloud. By keeping your server up to date, looking after its performance, and solving problems before they go wrong, you can run everything smoothly and take your business to new heights.

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Monitoring & alerting

Visibility is the first step in securing your servers are always up and running and eliminating risks to your business. We keep an eye on your servers 24x7x365, looking at availability, performance, and capacity.

Get visibility into your server's health
Frees up your IT resources
IT Management

Protect your business with the best server care

Our server maintenance services utilize a proven, multi-layered approach to ensure the optimal performance of your server. From patch management over account/identity management to antivirus and malware protection, we are always looking after your servers to ensure you can run your operations no matter what.

IT Management

Serving up the finest care for your server

Keeping your servers healthy is our priority, which means our experts work around the clock to keep your servers up to date with the latest patches and reduce the attack surface. Even if your system fails, our backups will allow you to get back to your work as soon as possible.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery Strategy Components

Check our structured approach that describes how an company can quickly resume work after an unplanned incident.

Recovery Time Objective ("RTO")

Someone should be asking this very important question early on when helping you establish your backup and recovery strategy. When a restore from backups is necessary, how much time will it take to locate, restore, and provision the backups that were created? How much time is acceptable… one day, 4 hours, or 30 minutes? Often the sheer size of the files created during a backup can take many hours or even days to restore and copy before they can be used. It is imperative that this question be addressed before the time comes when you must perform a restoration. By discussing the “RTO” in advance, we can make sure that your recovery completes quickly enough …even within minutes… in the event a recovery is necessary.

Recovery Point Objective ("RPO")

How often should a backup be created? Would it be acceptable if you lost a whole day’s worth of data? What would the impact be on your business? Establishing the maximum acceptable loss of data should be done early on in development of your backup & recovery strategy. With proper planning, we can establish an RPO as small as 15 minutes! Yes… in the event of a failure, we can restore your server to a mirror image of itself that occurred as recently as only 15 minutes ago. In most cases, an hour is sufficient. In some other cases, 4 hours may be satisfactory. In any event, this question must be addressed early on to ensure the successful recovery of your business data.

Image-Based Backups

An image-based backup is a mirror image “snapshot” of exactly what your server looks like at that point in time. When a recovery needs to be performed, all files, software, configuration, and preferences are restored exactly as they existed at the time the snapshot was taken.

Granular Restore Capabilities

By utilizing our tools, we can restore specific files and folders when necessary. This is perfect for situations when a complete system restore isn’t necessary or justified. For example, imagine a file is accidentally overwritten or deleted. By utilizing granular restore capabilities, we can identify and restore the previous version of the file.

Local Storage Solution

A good backup strategy will include the local storage where your backups can be saved and updated quickly. By keeping the backup storage at your location, you can ensure that backups and restore operations occur as quickly as possible. This maximizes your productivity and minimizes restore time.

Off-Site Storage Solution

Backups stored locally should be copied to an off-site storage location. This protects you from catastrophic events such as fire, theft, earthquakes, and other incidents that can result in complete inaccessibility of your I.T. resources.

Local Virtualization Solution

A local virtualization solution will serve as the platform upon which your servers can be duplicated should your regular server hardware fail. Utilizing best-of-breed virtualization tools, a mirror image of your failed server can be recreated and made available to your business in minutes.

Cloud Virtualization Solution

The cloud virtualization solution will serve as the platform upon which your servers can be duplicated in the event of a catastrophic event such as fire, theft, earthquakes, or other incidents that can result in complete inaccessibility of your business’ I.T. resources.

Backup Verification

A backup strategy is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. A good backup strategy will always include a regular review and monitoring component to be performed by a knowledgeable, experienced technician. This ensures that your backups are working correctly and that the appropriate data is being included in your backups.

Executive-Level Reporting

Of course, owners and managers need to be regularly updated of backups and their success / failure records. These reports should be provided at a high level that is quickly reviewed and easily understood.

Emergency Recovery Team

Ideally, a good backup strategy will include a resourceful team of experts who have regular experience performing recoveries. When a server is failing and an emergency restore operation is urgently necessary, your team shouldn’t be trying to figure out how to best perform the restore. This is when an outsourced service can prove its value. Your recovery team shouldn’t waste any time learning how to best perform an emergency restore when your business is down as a result of a failed server.

Installation & Deployment of All Components

Hardware and software tools must be meticulously selected and configured to ensure the success of your server backups. Performing a server recovery can only happen quickly and efficiently if the appropriate tools were selected and if they were configured correctly in advance.

Ongoing Monitoring & Management

As backups are created, they will need to be monitored and managed to ensure that the hardware and software resources continue to be sufficient. The success and failure of backups should be reviewed in detail each and every day. The best way to ensure this is taking place is to dedicate this task to a team of technicians who are familiar with the tools and who understand the generated alerts, causes, and resolutions.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Through decades of experience deploying and managing I.T. backup and recovery solutions for our small and medium sized business customers, we have perfected our solution. Our simple flat-fee BDR solution provides a comprehensive system of hardware, software, and services to ensure your business never suffers a catastrophic loss of critical data.

Our BDR Server - Installed Locally at your Business

The hardware includes an enterprise-grade network BDR server customized as a virtualization platform that can spin up a virtual instance of your server in minutes! This specialized server keeps a mirror image of your critical servers and saves updates every hour. If a critical server ever fails, our BDR server can quickly take its place within minutes.

Reputable Backups Management Software

We include the software and licensing that manages and verifies your backups. Our partnership with Veeam provides award winning software tools and resources and ensures our team of experts is always trained in the latest backup and recovery solutions. You can rest assured that your backup and recovery software platform has earned the trust and support of thousands of industry professionals.

Critical Server Monitoring - Your I.T. Under our Watchful Eyes

Whatever the cause, if your server is inaccessible, our monitoring tools automatically send notifications to our engineers so that they can respond right away and remotely resolve problems ...even before anybody is aware a failure has occurred! Our engineers regularly perform test procedures off-site to ensure your servers are ready to be restored at all times.

Off-Site Storage - At our Super-Secure Cloud-Based Datacenters

When a catastrophic event occurs that affects your business, your equipment (even our own BDR server) may no longer be accessible. This is why our service includes replication of your backups to an off-site location. Mirror images of your critical servers will be instantly created and our network engineers will connect your servers to any location over an internet-connected VPN established at your temporary working location.

Server Optimization & Maintenance

To ensure that your server is always secure, stable, and optimized to perform well in your business, we include our complete server management and maintenance services. We tune and pro-actively monitor server resources so we can alert you right away when capacity needs to be increased. Our network engineers test operating system updates before applying them to your production server. Your server will always be updated to include all the approved security and performance patches released by Microsoft.

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