What is all this Fuss about Office 365?

It looks as if the populous are catching on to Office 365. If you don’t yet have this software application, you are being left behind, as most may think. The software has been out for several years now. If you are wondering about it and why you should even pay attention, let’s take a look at its popularity and why you need to take notice.


Office 365 Software

The Office 365 application is a software program that can be accessed online to improve productivity in the office. This software application was created by Microsoft as a way for joining the cloud computing enterprise. What is cloud computing? Simply put, it is online computing that allows you to access data without the need of installing your own computer programs or using your own hardware. In addition to the infrastructure, which is the Internet, Office 365 also offers a suite of Microsoft software programs for use such as:

  • Powerpoint
  • Access
  • Excel
  • Word

Office 365 web apps supplement the desktop applications providing anytime / anywhere access (via web browser) to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote editing features.  You can even use a tablet or smartphone to make quick changes to documents “on the fly”.

One of the major benefits of Office 365 web apps are their compatibility with diverse hardware environments.  As a cloud service, the web applications run “in the cloud” requiring only that hardware be connected to the internet and run a current web browser.

As a cloud service, the features and functionality are kept up to date by Microsoft.  Ultimately, this helps reduce the load on your IT team by minimizing the need to perform software upgrades and patches.  Subscribers of the Office 365 service enjoy immediate use of the upgraded features without depending upon IT support staff to install the updates.

A tremendous benefit we’ve found with Office 365 is the ability to use “Exchange Online” and Outlook for managing company email.  In the past, companies would spend countless thousands of dollars investing in email servers, spam protection, email backups, and message archival / retention solutions.  The Office 365 service eliminates the need for these expensive investments, freeing up IT budgets for other resources / needs.  In addition, Outlook services included with Office 365 provide desktop, web,and smartphone access and include 25GB of email storage space in the cloud.


Its Popularity

What makes this cloud computing software so popular? The flexibility and features makes it popular. It is expensive for business owners to purchase this software and secure proprietary rights for multiple computers. Office 365 will allow the business owner to pay a small monthly fee and still have the use of an enterprise software program. For that reason, the business owner will not need any costly hardware to operate the software. Everything runs on the Internet and the user has access to around-the-clock support if technical issues are encountered. The service also claims to be fully guaranteed and operates on a web portal that does not involve any full time IT staff. Does this really help you, though?


Hands-on Assistance

Well, regardless of any benefits that Office 365 provides, every business should have a resource for IT support available 24x7x365, whether that be in the form of a full time IT staff or through an outsourced IT support company.  A dedicated hands-on support resource is always better than sending an email to a technical department at Microsoft and waiting for an answer back. Even if the burden of support is shifted to unknown personnel, what if you had numerous questions that needed immediate answers?  Make sure that the “hands on” assistance your company depends upon is familiar with your specific environment and places appropriate priority on your team’s IT support needs.



While you are working with the types of software programs that you already know, problems can occur at inconvenient times. What do you do then? More importantly, online access does offer convenience, but you leave your data unsecured for public entities to easily access. In an environment where an IT staff is being hired to keep company data secured, you will benefit from knowing that confidentiality cannot be jeopardized by the outside world. Even though, Microsoft is a trusted company, it is not good to hand over the responsibilities for reliability and security to a third party instead of your IT staff.


Posted on March 31, 2016 in Information Technology

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