• vCIO Consulting

Each customer is assigned a vCIO as their point of contact for all things technology related.  Your dedicated TechWorks vCIO will work with you to ensure you are always kept informed of technology that could compliment your business.  As a part of your team, you are encouraged to meet regularly with your vCIO to review current I.T. challenges, goals, projects, and needs.  Your vCIO has full authority to enable all TechWorks resources to ensure that your team’s technology needs are always addressed quickly and proactively.


Your vCIO works closely with the TechWorks Network Administration team to identify business risk and ensure your I.T. becomes aligned with our best practices.  Through regular audits and planning meetings, I.T. shortcomings are identified and brought into compliance.


Some of the primary concentrations of your vCIO are:


Nurture the Business Relationship

As a dedicated high-level technology professional, your vCIO will serve as your trusted advisor to all things I.T.  Your vCIO’s purpose is to develop an understanding of your business goals so that he may properly recommend and allocate technical resources to position your business for success.  This individual will nurture the relationship with you and your team to ensure positive interactions and long-term success.

Vendor Management

We work closely with your other technology vendors to ensure their products and services are delivered and maintained as promised.  We also assist your team in obtaining quotes from multiple vendors for equipment and/or service expenses.  By offloading these tasks to your skilled and knowledgeable TechWorks vCIO, you free up your staff to concentrate on your core business objectives. Rest assured that your technology expenditures are well thought out and not overpriced.

Software Licensing & Compliance

Your TechWorks vCIO will keep you advised of your current software compliance status ensuring that you are never caught unaware of software licensing status within your organization.  Regular compliance reports are provided and your information is always kept completely confidential.

Project Management

Your TechWorks vCIO will manage all your technology projects, ensuring that milestones are clearly defined and followed.  Since your vCIO works daily with many clients and vendors, he/she develops and maintains a deep understanding of technology products, services and solutions and is well-positioned to assist you in managing your technology projects.

I.T. Budgeting and Costs Containment

Your TechWorks vCIO meets with you regularly to ensure your organization’s I.T. budget is realistic and reasonable.  With an eye on the big picture, the vCIO will assist you in determining which I.T. expenditures provide your organization with the greatest return on investment.  By bringing a comprehensive skillset to your organization, your TechWorks vCIO provides you with a marked advantage to assist you in competing in your industry.

As you begin to work closely with your TechWorks vCIO, we will prove ourselves worthy of your trust, ultimately benefiting from the talent and expertise of a qualified I.T. professional.  Your team can truly rest assured that your technology needs are being given the appropriate level of priority.


Chief Information Officer Qualifications:  We require all vCIO consultants to meet stringent qualification standards and to maintain participation in our continuing technology education program.  As the primary liaison between our team and your own, this individual must master the art of communication while maintaining a solid understanding of the technologies that benefit our clientele.


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