The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Service For Your Small Business

With the arrival of computers and advanced technology, no wonder that there is a fast propagation of IT practice in both large and small companies. Most organizations and business today with the objective of making a profit will leverage information technology resources to support their efforts. Many of them have invested financially on correlated applications. A survey done by the Small Business Administration in 2003 revealed that approximately 75% of small businesses have made significant investment in new technology.


IT Department

Many businesses find themselves in a financial bind because of the necessity to lessen IT costs while they are trying to maintain the capability of their network system. It takes a lot of money to add internal staff to an IT department compared to outsourcing with an IT management service. Without an IT department and IT solutions, a company is left vulnerable, especially when IT issues arise. To address IT issues, the company has to solicit the expertise and help from an outside IT professional and not leave the potential for IT issues up for grabs.


Savvy or Not

If the network system at a company is linked to desktop computers and the fundamental applications, technically savvy employees can troubleshoot the problem, but if not, there will be an urgent need for managed IT service. With outsourced IT service, there are more reliable resources to maintain company productivity.


Outsourcing is the Solution

The network system within a company is a very valuable resource for any business owner. To entrust the monitoring services and upkeep of the network system to a third party can be alarming. However, it is of the utmost importance to understand that the IT management provider only monitors and supervises the network system. The settings of the network are easily altered when necessary and performance reports can be internally generated, if need be.


The Services

When a company has no IT department, there are exclusive services offered by an IT consulting firm. Some of these include:



Around-The-Clock Network Protection


Network Performance & Security Auditing


Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services


Software & Hardware Upgrades


In many cases, the IT consultant will try to maintain the network system so that it is working efficiently, creating contingency plans to adequately prepare for a natural disaster where data could be lost.



In protecting the company’s network on a 24 hour basis, the IT management company can limit the risks of hacking and save the company money from losing important data. Hiring the services of an IT professional will help the company to save on the cost of paying full time employees.



Posted on June 2, 2016 in Information Technology

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