TechWorks specializes in providing quality technology solutions to complex business problems within scope, budget and tight schedules. We bring extensive experience in programming, databases, IT support and technical communication. Our proven team leadership and project management expertise ensures your projects are completed on time and within budget constraints.

Our projects are concentrated on improving I.T. infrastructure and increasing ROI.  Some of our primary solutions are listed here…


COMMUNICATIONS – VOIP and Video Conferencing Solutions

CONNECTIVITY – Secure branch office VPN’s

CABLE MANAGEMENT – Turn-key organization and upgrades without the downtime

CUSTOM SOFTWARE – Development customized to your business needs

DATABASE OPTIMIZATION – Improve performance & reliability

DISASTER RECOVERY – Complete business continuity solutions

NETWORK SECURITY – Thorough security analysis and upgrades


The great thing about working with TechWorks for your I.T. projects is that your staff doesn’t need to spend countless hours managing projects.  Leave your project management in the capable hands of our certified project consultants.  Contact us today and SIMPLIFY I.T.



Time & Attendance Solution

Built a custom solution and deployed across customer’s 300+ dispersed wireless point-of-sale systems utilized by 500+ remote workforce for accurately capturing time and attendance records.  Employees were provided with unique magnetic swipe ID cards for their use in posting time records to a custom database.  Records were then automatically integrated with the payroll processing service for review and payroll processing by management.

Real-Time Transactions Web Portal

Provided a complete platform to allow improved visibility into real-time transaction data occurring at customer’s remote locations wirelessly.  Management was able to drill down into specific transaction-level data to monitor and improve operations efficiency.  Provided an administrative interface for creating / modifying user records, POS terminal configuration records, area definitions, etc.

Datacenter Relocation Project

Planned and coordinated the complete relocation of customer’s datacenter, including multiple servers, security appliances, network cabling & infrastructure equipment, rack management, electrical management & equipment, VOIP communications systems and Windows workstations.  The entire project was coordinated effectively transitioning to the new location while minimizing network downtime and maximizing productivity.

Video-Conferencing Solution

Analysis of customer needs regarding video conferencing and desktop sharing and research/recommendation of appropriate hardware-software solution.  Ordered and ensured successful provisioning of dedicated Internet connections. Configured “Quality-of-Service” (QOS) connection within customer’s security appliances to ensure appropriate priority was placed on the video conferencing system’s needs (i.e., ensure that video/audio quality was given bandwidth before other Internet browsing).  Provided training and guidance to assist management in utilizing the video-conferencing and desktop sharing solution.

Cash Replenishment Solution

Reviewed customers needs to replenish cash at remote business locations, wrote specifications and project-managed a solution that accurately compared bank deposits with staff-reported cash activities and purchases occurring at each location to effectively centralize the distribution of cash to remote locations.

I.T. Forensics

Worked closely with legal representation and customer’s management team to audit multiple databases and email archives to compile data / reports as required as a result of legal discovery demands.

Real-Time Web Site Locations Solution

Built an API for interfacing with customer’s proprietary databases and updated pertinent business hours, rates, etc. to the customer’s website.  Provided geo-coding solution to accurately map customer’s locations and display in aGoogle Maps presentation.


Infrastructure Upgrade / Cleanup


Installation of I.T. Rack



Infrastructure Cleanup



Infrastructure Cleanup



Infrastructure Cleanup



Infrastructure Cleanup



Infrastructure Cleanup



Infrastructure Cleanup




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