• Network Administration

Network Administration

A team of on-site and off-site experts pro-actively managing and enhancing your I.T.


Our network administration team is responsible for carrying out the orders of your dedicated CIO consultant. Their primary focus is to implement the best practices outlined and to reduce reactive support. They focus on installing, configuring, expanding, protecting, upgrading, tuning, and repairing the network. They are characterized by tenacity, attention to detail, and responsiveness. They are experts in the network hardware, such as cables, hubs, switches, routers, servers, and clients and are familiar with most mainstream software applications, network operating systems, email servers, backup software, and database servers.

Once a network is up and running, there shouldn’t need to be much time spent managing its hardware and software. However, just because there are no problems on a network doesn’t mean the job is over. The network administration team works closely with the vCIO to perform the best practices audits and upgrades.

Some of the ways the network administration team will help manage the network are listed here:

Equipment Upgrades

The network administration team will be consulted regarding new computers, printers, or other equipment. Their extensive experience in hands-on implementation and maintenance of information technology provide a valuable resource, ensuring the best solutions are considered first and able to speak to the benefits of each component.


Whenever any device is added to the network, careful consideration must be made so as to remain compatible and prevent interference with the existing network components. The network administration team must approve changes to cabling configuration, computer naming conventions, security and access rights, internet rights, and so on.

Software Inventory

Our network administration team is responsible for gathering, organizing, and tracking the network’s software inventory.

Ensuring High Availability

In addition to ensuring appropriate security and disaster recovery procedures are in place, it is the goal of our network administration team to eliminate network outages as much as possible, and to minimize the amount of time it takes to restore the network if there is an outage.



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