TechWorks provides an array of essential IT management services on a flat rate subscription basis to small and medium sized businesses.


24×7 Coverage, 365 Days a Year

Our 24/7/365 service allows you to concentrate on what’s important, your business.

IT doesn’t operate on the traditional 9 to 5 schedule. You never know when you will experience a service disruption, especially if you operate in different time zones. In today’s world, IT never sleeps, but with fully managed technical support, at least you can!

Proactive vs. Reactive

Because of the 24/7/365 coverage, when a problem does arise, it can be quickly remediated before you even know about it, or before it develops into a larger, more serious issue. That’s the difference between proactive and reactive IT support. Without managed IT services, you have to wait until something malfunctions and then hope a technician stops by immediately to remediate the issue, all while suffering from downtime.  A managed services agreement with TechWorks ensures that surprise I.T. emergencies are a thing of the past.

Fixed Monthly Cost

You can count on predictable I.T. management costs at a fraction of what it costs to employ internal resources.

Network Checks

Our managed services include a regular assessment of your network, allowing our CIO consultants to identify and point out all of the potential issues and vulnerabilities. These business-saving network assessments are performed on a regular basis to keep your network safe and secure.



Desktop optimization, maintenance and support.

Our help desk is standing by 24x7x365 to ensure your desktop systems remain optimally configured and to support your staff immediately when the situation demands.  In addition to monitoring your systems 24x7x365, we will provide configuration, software installation, networking and optimization services.

Our managed services include the following key benefits:


24×7 Performance Monitoring

24×7 Help Desk Phone Support

Anti-Virus Protection Included

Instant Chat Support from Task Tray icon

On-Site Support Included

Automatic Patching & Updating

Software Installations

Fully Comprehensive


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Server Management

Manage and protect the most vital components of your business.

We provide the back-office monitoring to help reduce the time needed to identify problems BEFORE they impact your operations.  Our team monitors all your servers, day and night, and critical issues can be automatically resolved as they arise.  You and your team are able to utilize our customer web portal to monitor systems and ticket statuses from anywhere.  Our talented technical teams are ready to investigate and resolve all server issues, whether they are identified by our software, our engineers, or your team.

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Network Management

Defend against hackers, viruses & spyware + Ensure Productivity.

We provide configuration and maintenance of your security appliance(s) and network equipment to ensure your network remains secure and access optimally configured.

We constantly audit the current configurations identifying any new security exposures.
We monitor endpoint throughput and performance and pro-actively resolve issues.
We provide recommendations for improving network security policies.
We configure the firewall with the recommended configuration changes.
We monitor the access points to your network(s) to ensure they are not compromised.

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CIO Services

Experts in applying technology to achieve your business goals.

We view ourselves as an extension of your business. Our IT Management goals are nothing short of a dramatic reduction in your total cost of technology ownership and a dramatic reduction in your technology-induced stress level.

While you focus on your core business, TechWorks provides you with an enterprise level IT department for less than it would cost you to manage your IT in house. Our “Virtual IT Department” gives you access to a comprehensive suite of tools and processes that normally have been available only at the largest companies. TechWorks will design and effectively manage your day-to-day IT needs while we provide strategic guidance to make sure you get the most from your IT investments.

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