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At TechWorks, our complete flat-fee managed IT services solution has been designed so that it will always make the most sense for your organization.  As your business needs grow, our flexible Managed IT solution automatically grows and supports you at any level.  Many entrepreneurs and executives who are responsible for IT enjoy the peace of mind that comes with outsourcing IT management to TechWorks.  In these cases, our team manages their entire information technology infrastructure, including desktops, servers, networks and more.


Complete IT Management Services

When done incorrectly, IT management can quickly become a constant drain on finances, resources, and most importantly – your team’s valuable time.  Smart entrepreneurs and business executives realize the value of outsourcing IT to a capable and reputable IT service provider and quickly engage TechWorks to take these responsibilities off their hands.

That’s why TechWorks offers a simple approach to Complete IT Management.  With TechWorks Complete IT Management, we build, manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure for one fixed monthly fee, whether your equipment is at your business location or at one of our top-tier data centers.  Our IT Consulting services ensure your management team always understands the information technology challenges and IT solutions available.


Our IT Experience = Your Peace of Mind

20 years of experience building IT management solutions for small and mid-size businesses has given us a distinct advantage.




To be performed correctly, I.T. management must be done holistically.  While every organization’s I.T. is unique, all I.T. infrastructures must be managed completely.  Like a puzzle, all the pieces of your I.T. must fit together to produce the right results for your business.  Only by managing all of them together, can I.T. be correctly implemented.





IT must be managed pro-actively.  IT cannot be considered successfully managed when it is only addressed reactively.  A successful I.T. environment must be constantly monitored, tuned, perfected… and re-perfected, to support business demands.  A proactive approach to managing and supporting IT for small and medium size businesses is absolutely imperative to success.



TechWorks does I.T. completely and pro-actively.  Our simple flat-fee managed I.T. services solution guarantees the reliability and successful performance of small and mid-size business information technology resources.



What’s Included? …Everything is Included!


I.T. Management & Monitoring Centralized Solution

24x7x365 Management & Monitoring Services!


Centralized Remote Monitoring & Management – No IT Surprises!

We proactively monitor the activities occurring across your organization’s IT infrastructure to help you better manage and plan for growth. When a hard drive is getting full, you’ll know about it before it impacts your organization’s productivity.  When system memory or processor resources are not keeping up with demand, we’ll identify those situations in time to plan ahead.

Our dashboard provides our remote monitoring & management team with the tools they need for optimal visibility of your IT resources.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your IT is being monitored by a team of IT experts and a proven IT management system.


Performance Tuning & Patch Management Services

Constantly Fine-Tuning Your IT Assets!


Performance Tuning & Patch Management – Proactively Improving IT

Instead of idly standing by waiting for the next emergency like some IT providers, we recognize that IT emergencies can be disastrous for your business  and work hard to identify the signals of a potential failure. When a hard drive is getting full, you’ll know about it before it impacts your organization’s productivity.  If system memory or processor resources are not keeping up with demand, we’ll identify those situations in time to plan ahead.

Software patches and updates are thoroughly tested before they are approved for installation on your computers.  We perform our software patch testing offsite in our own testing environment so that your productivity is never compromised by a malfunctioning update.


Complete Backups & Disaster Recovery Solution

Leverage our Business Continuity Solution!


Local & Cloud Backups – Keeping All Your Data Safe!

Our flat-fee managed IT service includes our complete solution to backing up your critical data.  Our comprehensive approach to planning and implementing your unique Disaster Recovery Solution ensures maximum up-time and availability of all your business critical data and IT resources.

We include a local storage appliance (TechWorks NAS Solution) for all our IT managed services clients.  Our equipment ensures backed up data is encrypted, secure, and accessible for prompt recovery whenever necessary.


Centrally Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solution

Protecting Your IT Assets!


Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Solution – Protecting IT Assets

Security threats knock at your door more often than you might think.  Neutralizing and removing these threats is a critical part of any complete IT Management solution.  Some companies simply install anti-virus software and set it on auto-pilot.  Later, when your computers are compromised by malware, they’ll stand there scratching their heads when you ask them how a virus was able to damage your systems.

Our complete solution to managing and supporting IT includes the software as well as our watchful eyes.  Our remote management team is monitoring your protection status 24x7x365 and you can rest assured that your IT is adequately protected.


Award Winning Technical Support Help Desk

Always Available to Support Your Team!


U.S.-Based Technical Support Help Desk – Available 24x7x365

Ready to assist at a moment’s notice, our staff is easy to reach and anxious to help!  We provide instant technical support for all of our customers 24x7x365 … and never with any additional charges.  Even if we need to visit your business in person, all our services are included under our simple flat-fee I.T. management solution.

Work late? Work early? Work weekends? It doesn’t matter. Anytime you run into a problem with your computer, you can give our team a call.


Strategic Consulting & Project Management Services

Enabling Informed IT Decision Making!


IT Consulting & Project Management – Delivering “Big Picture” Vision and Planning

Your dedicated TechWorks IT Consultant (vCIO) delivers the strategic vision for your IT and will work with you to ensure you are always kept informed of technology that could compliment your business.  As a part of your team, your consultant reviews current IT challenges, goals, projects, and needs.  Your vCIO has full authority to enable all TechWorks resources to ensure that your team’s technology needs are always addressed quickly and proactively.

By working closely with TechWorks’ Network Administration team your dedicated IT Consultant identifies business risk and ensures your IT becomes aligned with our best practices.  Through regular audits and planning meetings, I.T. shortcomings are identified and brought into compliance.


On-Site Network Administration Team

Always Available to Support Your Team!


On-Site Network Administration – Building & Maintaining Your IT at Your Location

Once a network is up and running, there shouldn’t need to be much time spent managing its hardware and software. However, just because there are no problems on a network doesn’t mean the job is over. The network administration team works closely with the vCIO to perform the regular best practices audits and upgrades.

Our network administration team is responsible for carrying out the orders of your dedicated IT consultant. Their primary focus is to implement the best practices outlined and to reduce reactive support.


Productivity Software & Remote Access Solutions

Enhancing Your Team’s Productivity!


Productivity Software Tools – Connecting Your Team with Cutting-Edge Solutions!

Our goal in providing IT services is to enable small and mid-size businesses to achieve great results with their IT!  It is for this reason that we include some of the most common productivity tools in our solution.  Our flat-fee IT management solution includes Microsoft Office productivity software, Microsoft Office365 collaboration tools, and LogMeIn Rescue for your team’s remote access to your IT resources.



Secure Web Server for Hosting your Business Website

Every Business Needs a Web Presence!


Website Hosting & Editing – Included at no extra charge!

Every successful business is able to leverage the web to grow and expand their online reputation.  We believe that a complete IT management solution should include a secure server on which to host your business website.  While we are not web designers, we include minor revisions to your company website as part of our complete IT management service.



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