Making the IT Management Outsourcing Decision

Outsourcing IT management has become quite popular over the past decade. It is not difficult to understand why so many companies are choosing managed IT services rather than internally managing their own technological needs in an IT department. It is more profitable to outsource IT functions to an IT service provider, freeing up internal staff to do other tasks. Since Managed IT Services is typically based upon the size of your business (i.e., number of servers, workstations, branch offices, etc.) the costs can scale with your growth as needed.  There are a few fundamental things to consider in order when weighing the decision of whether or not to outsource your company’s IT management.


Essential Technology

There is no avoiding the fact that in today’s company, technology is essential and not something that you can do without to run a business. However, your internal staff may not have the required knowledge, training and experience to handle every task related to their IT responsibilities. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to have knowledge of the appropriate IT solution necessary to make a system work, providing growth and development to the company. For this very reason, you may need an IT consultant so as not have to maintain your own IT department internally.


Services Offered

Most IT consulting firms that offer outsourcing offer various services including:



  • Network Support


  • Data Backup, Storage and Recovery


  • CyberSecurity Monitoring & Support


  • Technology Management


  • Data Security


  • IT Consulting and Planning


Data Backup and Storage

If you own a company that deals with a lot of data, you may want to backup that data to prevent loss. It is important to do your data storage off-site, but if you have to do so on-site, have an IT consultant come in and do it the right way. However, if there is a natural disaster, you could lose all the data on-site. Storing data off-site is the recommended option as many IT management companies will tell you. It is safer and more cost effective.


Network Security

To keep your network secure and upgraded, use trained, skilled and experienced IT professionals. Network security is important to keep hackers out of your system and prevent the compromise of your proprietary data. You cannot rely on an old firewall and expect to keep hackers out. Your system has to be frequently upgraded with the latest network security products.



It will cost you more to continuously try to keep up with training your internal IT staff. Hardware and software apps are constantly changing and with that come the need to always be highly trained in information technology. When you use an IT management service, it is true that you will cut costs with outsourcing.


Posted on May 31, 2016 in Information Technology

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