IT Services
in San Diego

TechWorks is the only company in the San Diego area delivering complete I.T. management services, including centralized I.T. services, strategic I.T. consulting, network administration, technical support (both on-site and off-site), and professional I.T. project services for a single flat monthly fee

Information Technology San Diego

Small and medium sized businesses enjoy simplified I.T. solutions on a set budget without ever incurring extra charges. If it’s I.T., it’s included!Operating from three locations throughout Southern California, we are strategically positioned for quick response and easy, simple engagement.

Making I.T. Simple

Comprehensive Flat-Fee Solutions for Small Business

Shouldn’t your Information Technology just WORK?Here at TechWorks, we’ve implemented systems to make sure that your I.T. is always performing at its very best.Isn’t it time that you SIMPLIFY I.T. management for your business?

Simplifying San Diego Information Technology

Dedicated CIO Consultant

A “Chief Information Officer” provides the high-level strategic vision necessary to make the right technology decisions for your organization’s future. Traditionally, the insight offered by a CIO has been a luxury only the largest corporations could afford. Now, with TechWorks’ comprehensive CIO service offering, small and medium sized businesses in San Diego can benefit from the same forward-thinking guidance and I.T. vision.

San Diego Network Administration

Our San Diego network administration team is responsible for carrying out the orders of your dedicated CIO consultant. Their primary focus is to implement the best practices outlined and to reduce reactive support. They focus on installing, configuring, expanding, protecting, upgrading, tuning, and repairing the network. They are characterized by tenacity, attention to detail, and responsiveness.

San Diego Technical Support

The San Diego technical support team serves the primary purpose of providing a resource for assisting when something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. While it is the goal of our vCIO and Network Administration team to prevent these incidents, the reality is that they will happen… and when they do, our technical support team is ready to assist.

San Diego Centralized I.T. Services

By utilizing our tools, we can restore specific files and folders when necessary. This is perfect for situations when a complete system restore isn’t necessary or justified. For example, imagine a file is accidentally overwritten or deleted. By utilizing granular restore capabilities, we can identify and restore the previous version of the file.

San Diego Professional I.T. Services

A good backup strategy will include the local storage where your backups can be saved and updated quickly. By keeping the backup storage at your location, you can ensure that backups and restore operations occur as quickly as possible. This maximizes your productivity and minimizes restore time.