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Infrastructure – Part 7 of 7

Choosing the right I.T. Cabinet

Your critical I.T. infrastructure equipment should be neatly organized and secured into a solid and stable rack, cabinet or, in the case of a small office network, wall-mountable solution.  No matter what the size of your office I.T., there’s a suitable matching cabinet to organize your I.T. infrastructure.

It is important that you choose the right rack or cabinet for your office.  Choosing the wrong rack will cause you a lot of grief, wasting time, money and resources.  Picking the right rack will keep your equipment protected, neatly organized, and enhance performance and longevity.

What are some things you should keep in mind when deciding on your cabinets or racks?



Important Features to Consider

  • Ventilation – It’s always important that your I.T. equipment be provided with adequate ventilation so that it can keep running efficiently. Look for a cabinet / rack that will allow you to securely mount your equipment so that the equipment’s cooling fans are never blocked by other equipment and/or cables.  Also, some high-end cabinets will include their own cooling fans and, in some cases, even dedicated air conditioning.

  • Security – A good I.T. rack or cabinet will have a keyed lock that helps you ensure your I.T. infrastructure equipment is secure and will defend against tampering or theft.
  • Accessibility – Most racks and cabinets have access panels on all sides to allow you to quickly gain access to IT infrastructure components for easier replacement, repair, and network configuration tasks. For wall-mounted solutions and brackets, some offer a swing-away hinge that will provide access to equipment and rear-facing I.T. infrastructure components (patch panel terminations, power connections, serial number labels, etc.).

Tripp Lite 42U Rack

Tripp Lite Wall Mount IT Cabinet


  • Power Distribution – Many times an I.T. cabinet or rack will also provide a convenient power connection point for your equipment. The power connections are typically present in a mountable power distribution unit (“PDU”) with switch and surge protection.  Of course, I.T. best practice is to connect this PDU to an uninterruptible power supply with battery backup (“UPS”).
  • Cable Management – Our favorite racks and cabinets include wire management features and mounting solutions that allow you to neatly tuck away excess cables, keeping the I.T. infrastructure center well-organized and looking clean and tidy.



Tripp Lite Rack Features

Keep I.T. Simple by Choosing the Right Infrastructure Cabinet

By choosing the right IT rack or cabinet,  you ensure your I.T. is easily accessible, securely mounted, and simplified.  Consult with your team at TechWorks regarding some excellent choices for your I.T. infrastructure racks and cabinets.




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Posted on October 27, 2015 in Information Technology

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