Is Your IT Server in Need of Urgent Troubleshooting?

If you run a company, it is a given that you will have an office for handling all administrative procedures, even if the company is operating inside of your own home office. You will have access to a computer, laptop or more than one device from which you store data and input information. There will be times when you may have computer issues or your server may experience various issues as well. No two problems are the same.


The Issues

At times, you may even have software-related issues and at other times hardware could be causing the problem.  Sometimes, the problems could even be caused by both software and hardware. In any case, if your IT server or computer has an issue, it puts the company on temporary lock-down until you can find capable professional help to fix the issue. You will need help from an IT professional with experience in repairing IT servers. If your server problems are not resolved quickly, it is possible that you could run into more issues such as lack of productivity from staff and possibly loss of sales.


The Right Help

It is best to find an IT company that specializes in server problems, and one that has established a solid reputation of successful projects and satisfied customers. You want a company that will send competent computer technicians to repair the problem that you may have encountered. A good IT company will understand some of the problems that could have caused the server shut down. First, the IT technician will look at the fundamental issues that you are most likely to face in order for the proper functioning of your server.


Existing Condition

The IT technician may assess the existing condition of your IT infrastructure. Signs and symptoms will be examined to indicate the reason for your server ailment. Investigative work will be done to dig deeper into the reason for the problems. Chances are that there were warning signs before this happened. The technician will ask certain questions in order to figure this out. Some of these warning signs could be:


  • Slow IT server
  • Computer screen taking too long to load
  • IT server freeze
  • Too many pop-up windows
  • Unable to tell status of backup data
  • Security software not installed or updated
  • No idea of the definitions of existing virus
  • Uncertainty about whether there is a firewall
  • Inconsistency with printing
  • Inconsistency with email messages; both receiving and sending



Once these issues are fixed with your IT server, the computer technician’s job is not done. A firewall should be put in place as well as security software so as to avoid certain problems later. Proper data backup should also be initiated. Ongoing IT maintenance is one of the most essential solutions to prevent all of these problems in the future.



Posted on April 18, 2016 in Information Technology

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