In-House IT vs. IT Managed Services


As your company continues to grow, it is not a surprise that the advent of technology will cause you to rely more on Information Technology as part of the value to your business. What happens then if you don’t have an IT Department? You will need IT services, so the next best option is hiring an IT company to resolve all of your technology issues in an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled manner.


Meeting Goals

If you already have your own IT strategies to put in place, but don’t know where to start, instead of creating your own IT department, it would cost less to use the services of a company that offers IT managed services. With your strategies, the outsourced company can lay out the specifics, monitor and review at intervals, making sure that your goals are met. The comprehensive goal would be to proactively use various activities to reduce the number of risks and reactive issues that would threaten the business such as hackers and data loss.


IT Staff

If you choose to hire one or more IT staff, you run into everyone being overworked so much as to not being able to continue IT training while on the job. Even with the appropriate expertise, the changing technology is indicative of the reason why IT professionals have to keep training. As the business grows, you may need to hire new staff, which could end up being costly. Having a good IT management service would be the ideal approach with improved cost effectiveness compared to hiring an internal IT staff.


The Different Services

The types of IT managed service will vary, depending on the nature of your business. If you are only going to get the basic services, then this would not be considered a complete scenario of managed services. These basic services have to be included in a variety of other important services such as:


System Monitoring
Remote Support
Data Backup and Recovery
IT Resolution & Support
Infrastructure Design & Maintenance
Disaster Recovery Planning & Consulting
Cloud Services

With system monitoring, the IT person will be able to make sure that your IT servers are operating efficiently. In some cases, the IT professional will help a company move their network to a new location, doing the installation and preparation to get the server ready for the new staff.



Most of these tasks can be done remotely, but if need be, the IT consultant can go to a specific location to provide the necessary services. Outsourcing will ensure that you use professionals who are very proficient in technology. In so doing, you will end up cutting costs and maintaining a strong foundation for the growth of your company.


Posted on June 17, 2016 in Information Technology

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