Are you searching for an I.T. support company in the inland empire because your dental practice computer network is running slow and causing problems but you don’t know who you can trust to fix it fast?  If so, give us a call so we can show you what fast, responsive, highly-effective outsourced IT support services should be like for your dental practice.

Service Promises & Guarantees
Does your current I.T. provider really understand what it takes to run a successful dental practice?  Stop rolling the dice with sub-standard I.T. support service and call us now!


What computer problems do we solve for dentists?


by including always up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware protection

by proactively identifying and eliminating performance problems

by watching and protecting systems 24x7x365

by implementing IT best practices through our routine network administration visits


by performing regularly testing that we can successfully restore files we backup

by identifying critical data and then scheduling & monitoring backups

by including the software and hardware necessary to perform good backups

by duplicating backups to additional local and cloud storage


by including on-site and off-site support technicians available 24x7x365

by proactively monitoring and tuning your computers, printers and networking

by providing prompt reliable restoration of files from scheduled backups

by testing and approving patches before they are installed on your computers


by including unlimited on-site and off-site project services and support

by including network security monitoring and updating

by including proven backup storage hardware for every client

by including a proven network security firewall appliance for every customer

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Our Customers Love Us!


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“As a relatively new dental practice, we can’t afford to lose patients because our computers are down.  At our office, when the network is down, nothing can happen.  As soon as we recognized this, we wasted no time in signing up with TechWorks to keep everything running smoothly.  Now, everything just works.  I know that the improvements in our productivity, patient satisfaction, and efficiency more than justify the cost of having TechWorks maintain our systems.  Thank you TechWorks.for keeping our computers working right, and for always being there when we need you!”

Jim Lawrence Dental Practitioner July 25, 2016



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“I can’t remember the last time we had a problem with our hardware or software. Once TechWorks integrated all our digital imaging software and updated our operating system, practice management software and auto back-ups everything has been running glitch-free. Prior to delegating our Information Technology needs to TechWorks we experienced periodic systems errors and I know we lost at least five patients due to software-related failures. TechWorks maintains our system and eliminates issues before they can adversely affect us.”

Kim Lee Dental Practitioner September 14, 2017



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