Enjoy the benefits of having a seasoned I.T. expert on your team


A “Chief Information Officer” provides the high-level strategic vision necessary to make the right technology decisions for your organization’s future.  Traditionally, the insight offered by a CIO has been a luxury only the largest corporations could afford.

Now, with TechWorks’ comprehensive CIO service offering, small-and-medium-sized businesses can benefit from the same forward-thinking guidance and I.T. vision.


Reduce Risk

Make the right decisions the first time and minimize exposure for failures.

Gain Peace of Mind

Rest assured that your technology is in the hands of a qualified professional.

Control Costs

Build on a strategy of a single flat monthly fee that covers everything.

Every organization must engage a trusted advisor, such as a financial planner or CPA, periodically.  Similarly, successful enterprises must have access to a trusted resource when it comes to planning and strategizing regarding information technology.  By working with a TechWorks CIO consultant, you ensure that your information technology strategy is in alignment with your future business needs.


When it comes to the “big picture” I.T. decisions, rely on TechWorks CIO consulting services to provide the insight necessary to develop a winning long-term strategy.


Network and Security assessments provide an unbiased perspective of potential pitfalls and areas of concern in advance of failures.
Our clients enjoy improved results and guidance when it comes to I.T. budgeting, staffing, disaster preparedness and recovery, business continuity strategies, and customized I.T. roadmaps.
We work closely with your other technology vendors to ensure their products and services are delivered and maintained as promised. We also assist your team in obtaining quotes from multiple vendors for equipment and/or service expenses. By offloading these tasks to your skilled and knowledgeable TechWorks vCIO, you free up your staff to concentrate on your core business objectives. Rest assured that your technology expenditures are well thought out and not overpriced.
Since your dedicated CIO works daily with many clients and vendors, he/she develops and maintains a deep understanding of technology products, services and solutions and is well-positioned to assist you in managing your technology projects, bringing technical expertise and background to the table and freeing your own staff to concentrate on other responsibilities.
Turn to TechWorks for network design and relocation, comprehensive I.T. management solutions and affordable support solutions.
With an eye on the big picture, the CIO will assist you in determining which I.T. expenditures provide your organization with the greatest return on investment. By bringing a comprehensive skillset to your organization, your dedicated TechWorks CIO provides you with a marked advantage to assist you in competing in your industry.

As one of your organization’s most critical investments, shouldn’t the strategy for information technology be given an appropriate level of attention?  By leveraging our CIO consulting services, management teams are able to improve the performance of their I.T. investments and develop expectations based upon proven reporting and analytics forecasting methods.


Learn more about how TechWorks can provide your organization with the I.T. insight that will enable the ongoing growth and prosperity already being experienced by successful enterprises worldwide.

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