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Cisco Switches

Network Switches

Network  Switches Infrastructure (4 of 7) What is a network switch? All the network cables are ultimately connected into a device called a network switch.  A network switch serves as a central device enabling the communication of the IT devices connected to it.  These are the devices you typically see with all the green and…

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Network Cabling

Network Cabling Infrastructure (3 of 7) Ethernet Cabling The most basic components of the network infrastructure are the network cabling that physically connects your computers, phones, printers, and other network hardware together.  The most common network cabling is called Ethernet cabling and is sometimes referred to as “low voltage” or “CAT 5” cabling.  The network cabling…

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APC Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS

Electrical & Backup Power Supplies

  Electrical & Backup Power Supplies Infrastructure (2 of 7)   One of the most overlooked components of your IT network foundation is your power source. The electrical circuits within the walls of your building that deliver electrical power to your I.T. equipment are absolutely critical to your I.T. network health. While not a requirement,…

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